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Sewing Pattern Weights - Swears x 4

  • $19.96
  • $24.95

We all know the importance of a well-made pattern, but sometimes getting everything to lay flat can be a pain-literally. Things are always moving when you don't want them too and it can be frustrating trying to keep everything in place while you work. But not anymore! With these Missy Rose pattern weights, you can finally kiss those pins goodbye.

These beautiful ceramic weights are each 90mm in diameter and weigh approximately 80 grams. They have a glossy finish that is smooth and non-slip, so you can rest assured your pattern will stay put. There are four weights in the set, each with their own unique sewing quote. Whether you're trace cutting or rotary cutting, these weights will save you time and hassle.

If you're looking for a special gift for a sewing enthusiast, this is it! These high-quality and vibrant pattern weights are sure to be a hit. So don't wait any longer, make your life easier with Missy Rose pattern weights today!


Save precious time: Spend less time pinning and more time sewing! With pattern weights, you totally avoid the tedious task of pinning your paper sewing pattern to your fabric. 

Ideal for delicate fabrics: Unlike pins, there’s no danger of damaging delicate fabrics with snags or pinholes. 

Easy to use: Simply place the weights on top of your paper in strategic places to ensure the pattern piece is flat and then trace or cut around the edge. At any time, shift your sewing pattern with ease. No more tedious pinning and unpinning!

How to use Missy Rose’s pattern weights: 

To cut patterns without pinning, simply:

  1. Place Missy Rose’s pattern weights a few centimetres from the edge of your sewing pattern on top of the fabric, to hold the pattern in place. 
  2. Cut out around the edges of the pattern. Super easy!