Fabric by Missy Rose | French Terry Fabric

With its luxuriously soft texture and and cozy warmth, French terry cloth is one of the best fabrics for creating a winter wardrobe. If you’re looking for a lightweight yet warm, absorbent material that’ll keep you both warm and dry, French terry fabric is the perfect choice. 

Our 95% cotton, 5% spandex French terry is designed to have the ideal balance of breathability, stretch and warmth. Here’s how to make the most of this beautiful, snuggly fabric. 

What is French terry and what is it made of?

French terry fabric is a knit fabric made from cotton, blended with a small percentage of spandex. This fabric’s texture is characterised by soft piles of yarn and loops on one side (usually used as the interior of a garment) and a smooth, soft, finished surface on the other side. 

At Fabric by Missy Rose, our high-quality French terry knit fabric is produced from 95% cotton, blended with 5% spandex to give it better stretch and superior recovery. The result is a lightweight, absorbent, moisture-wicking material that's luxuriously soft, warm and super comfortable to wear. 

What are the pros of French terry fabric?

  • Terry cotton fabric is soft and cozy

    Our amazing terry cotton fabric has a soft yet durable quality. Heavier than a t-shirt yet lighter than a fleece or woollen jumper, its luxurious softness makes it super comfy to wear and ideal for keeping warm in Australia’s mild winters. 

  • Terry cotton fabric is lightweight and absorbent

    French terry cloth is warm yet designed to absorb and wick away moisture. Its high absorbency and breathability, combined with its inherent warmth and comfort, make it perfect for sewing winter clothes and looser athletic wear. 

What are the cons of French terry fabric?

What sewing projects is French terry cloth suitable for?

French terry cloth is a medium weight knit that offers incredible softness and versatility. This snuggly fabric is ideal for:

·  Jumpers, cardigans and hoodies
·  Loungewear
·  Cold-weather athletic wear, including workout wear, tracksuit pants and yoga pants
·  T-shirts
·  Knit dresses
·  Harem pants
·  Hats
·  Baby clothes (French terry is breathable and has the same composition as cotton lycra, making it safe for use in baby clothes)

Any sewing pattern that requires a mid or heavy-weight knit fabric will work well with terry cotton fabric. 

French terry is not ideal for underwear.

Frequently Asked Questions - French Terry Fabric

  • Do you have any advice for sewing with French terry fabric?

    1.  French terry cloth is a stretch fabric. A stretch stitch is best. Basic stretch stitches include a zigzag, serger, ladder, lightning or triple straight stitch.

    2.   French terry’s looped texture makes seam ripping stitches difficult. 
    3.  For greatest accuracy when cutting curves and notches, always use a cutting mat, pattern weights and a sharp rotary cutter to cut out your fabric.

    4.  Under lots of pressure, knit fabrics such as French terry cloth can stretch and become wavy. To avoid this, reduce the pressure dial on your sewing machine foot. 

    5.  Always press every seam with steam. Steam can help your terry fabric return to its original state. 

  • How does French terry differ from jersey, fleece and other knit fabrics?

    French terry is heavier in weight than a standard cotton jersey and lighter than a woollen fleece. It typically has between 20% to 50% stretch, making it less stretchy than cotton jersey. It is a stable fabric to sew with, usually easier to sew with than other knits. Absorbing up to 27 times its weight in water, it’s less likely to shrink than fleece. The edges of French terry fabric will roll slightly, but less than other jersey blends such as cotton/spandex or rayon/lycra jersey. 

  • What does French terry cloth fabric feel like?

    Terry cotton fabric feels smooth and supple like cotton lycra on the outside. On the inside, it has little soft piles of yarn and cotton loops, which keep you nice and warm while wicking away moisture. 

  • How do I care for French terry cloth garments?

    We recommend prewashing terry cotton fabric before sewing. Because of its high cotton content, expect a moderate amount of shrinkage in the first wash. Once you have sewn up the garment, launder it on a warm wash cycle.