Fabric by Missy Rose | Peach Skin Fabric

Peach skin fabric is a 100% polyester fabric with a smooth, suede-like texture and lightweight, gorgeous drape. The fabric boasts a wrinkle-resistance finish, making it low-maintenance to wear and care for. Here’s what you need to know about sewing with this beautiful and versatile material. 

What is peach skin fabric?

Peach fabric is a light-medium 100% polyester fabric. Its polyester microfibres are brushed to create a smooth, suede-like texture with subtle ribbing, a matte finish and unfinished edges. The fabric has an elegant, flowing drape. 

  • How does peach skin material feel to touch?

    Peach skin fabric has a subtle softness: firm, smooth and velvety. This versatile material is highly durable and robust. It offers zero stretch, yet drapes like a dream. It is wonderfully easy to sew and holds its shape well in garment construction. 

What can peach fabric be used for?

Commonly known as ‘boardshorts fabric’, peach skin material is a very versatile fabric. It is perfect for water-resistant sewing projects such as boardshorts, bucket hats and beach bags. Its beautiful, flowing drape makes it a perfect match for sewing floaty dresses, tops, blouses, gathered skirts, pants, culottes, harem pants, jackets, camisoles, lingerie and nightwear. Line your fabric with cotton lycra to create a super comfortable jacket or track pants. This fabric is also ideal for making luxurious home textiles such as sheets or silky soft pillowcases. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Peach Skin Fabric

  • Do you have any tips for sewing with peach skin material?

    1.  Before you begin, hang your fabric up and give it a light spray with starch ironing spray to stiffen the fabric. This will make it behave itself much better when you lay it out, ready to be cut. 

    2.  Fine, sharp pins are your friend when it comes to sewing with peach fabric. We recommend using lots of pattern weights, pins and clips to keep the seams together, as well as darts and pleats to stop the fabric from shifting.

    3.  Because this fabric is slippery to cut, we recommend using a rotary cutter (which you can find here in our store). A rotary cutter will help you achieve a more accurate result than scissors with much less frustration. Simply place the fabric and pattern down on a cutting mat and let your cutter’s blade cut it without lifting it off the mat. 

  • Does peach material crease?

    No. Peach skin material is resistant to creasing so garments made with peach fabric tend to look fresh and unwrinkled all day. 

  • Can I buy peach skin fabric here?

    Sure, you can buy peach skin material here at Fabric by Missy Rose. We make it easy. Simply browse our designs in peach skin fabric, select the design you’ve fallen in love with, choose a length and quantity, and click ‘Add to Cart’.