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Renowned for its luxurious softness, minky fabric is the ultimate material for soft, snuggly sewing projects. Here’s everything you need to know about sewing with minky material.
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What sewing projects is minky fabric suitable for?

Minky cloth fabric is ideal for blankets, jumpers (with cotton lycra binding), dresses and toys. Because minky cloth is a one-sided fabric with plush on one side and knit on the other, the underside needs to be lined. 

Our premium ‘squish’ fabric is a double-sided fabric that eliminates the need for lining. This fabric is extra stretchy with no separation, making it perfect for jackets, hoodies, jumpers, retro dress, long-drape cardigans, pants and dressing gowns. Its velvety texture is easy to sew with and does not move when sewing. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Minky Fabric

  • What are the advantages of minky?

    ·  Feels as silky soft as cashmere

    ·  Provides excellent durability

    ·  Lovely light drape with a decent amount of body

    ·  Offers excellent 2-way stretch and recovery (stable parallel to the selvage, stretching across the width of the fabric)

  • Do you have any advice for sewing with minky material?

    1.  Since minky fabric can be slippery to work with, pin generously with lots of pins and Wonder Clips to keep the fabric in the right place. 

    2.  Keep a 1.5-centimetre seam allowance as minky fabric tends to curl. 

    3.  Always take note of the fabric nap to make sure it follows the right direction. 

    4.  Cutting minky cloth can create lots of fuzz. Using a rotary cutter makes this easier. Give the fabric a little shake before you start pinning to remove the fuzz. 

    5.  Do not iron directly on minky material. Always steam with a pressing cloth or place the material face down on a towel and press on low heat. 

    6.  Minky fabrics wash and dry very well. 

    7.  Use basting tape to prevent your fabric from stretching, sliding and puckering. 

    8.  Use a walking foot to evenly feed all the layers. 

    9.  Use a long stitch length. 

    10.  When sewing minky fabric with fabric such as cotton, place the minky on the bottom to allow the feed dogs to guide the fabric and prevent extra stretching. 

  • What does minky cloth feel like?

    Minky fabric is silky soft and snuggly, smooth on the reverse and fuzzy on the outside. The fabric is warm like fleece, similar to velvet but softer like cashmere. 

  • What's the difference between minky and fleece?

    While minky and fleece are both made of 100% polyester, there is a subtle difference between these fabrics. While fleece is double-sided with a fuzzy texture on both sides, minky is single-sided with a fuzzy texture on one side. 

  • Should I wash minky fabric before sewing?

    Since minky is a polyester fabric, it does not shrink or require pre-washing. However, you will need to pre-wash any non-synthetic fabric that you will sew together with your minky cloth fabric. 

  • How do I care for minky fabric clothing?

    Wash the minky material in cold water on a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent. Harsh detergents can reduce the softness and lifespan of the material, while warm or hot water can cause the dye to bleed. If you intend to use a machine dryer, use a low temperature or permanent press setting. If the fabric has wrinkles, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting and the printed side down. Higher temperatures may melt the fabric.

  • Where can I buy minky fabric?

    You can buy minky fabric right here at Fabrics by Missy Rose. Simply browse our minky fabrics, choose the design you’d like to buy, specify a length and quantity, and click ‘Add to Cart’.