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On the hunt for a special, unique or exceptional fabric for your latest sewing or craft project? Missy Rose’s unique fabric designs are one-of-a-kind and lovingly curated from our talented international artists. 

Stunning & Fun Fabric Design

Our custom fabric designs are always changing so if you spot something you love, it’s best to seize it now!

Custom Fabric For Adults

Feel pretty and elegant in our vibrant and timeless floral fabrics. Make a classic piece using our high-quality solid fabrics, available in a variety of beautiful colours. 

Custom Fabric For Kids

Our unique fabric designs are ideal for kids. Our fun custom fabrics are sure to ignite your little one’s imagination and bring a smile to their face. 

Let your little one express their sense of adventure and love of the fantastical with fantasy prints like our unicorn, mermaid scale and spooky ghost fabrics. Celebrate their love of adorable animals with sweet forest animals like deer, foxes and bears. Have fun at the playground with army fabrics, firetrucks and animal-themed hijinks. 

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Custom Fabric Design

Our fabric designs are always produced in small, limited edition quantities. Here’s what makes our custom fabric so unique:

•   Our unique fabric designs are handpicked from independent artists from around the globe. 

•   Our custom fabric and pre-made artwork are 100% one-of-a-kind and exclusive to Missy Rose. 

•   We have some amazing artists who can make any idea come to life. You will only find this artwork at Fabric by Missy Rose.

Custom Fabric Australia

When placing an order for custom fabric, simply follow these steps:

1.  Choose your fabric design. 
2.  Select your desired quantity. 
3.  Choose a fabric base that will work well for your sewing project.
4.  Add to cart.
5.  Check out. 

Missy Rose - Designer Fabric Online

From our classic woven fabric (100% cotton) and silky-soft rayon to our lightweight knit fabric, cozy French terry and double-brushed poly, our fabrics are the perfect canvas for a bespoke creation. Browse our designer fabric online and share your favourite fabric designs and creations on Instagram with #fabricbymissyrose.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Unique Fabric Design

  • What Types Of Custom Fabric Do You Carry?

    Our fun, modern and unique designs are available in every fabric we offer:

    Woven (100% cotton)

    Swim fabric

    Double brushed polyester


    Knit 180

    Knit 220

    Knit 260

    French terry

    Sports performance

    Minky fabric

    Peach skin fabric

    Bamboo fabric

  • Why Sew With Unique Fabric Designs

    Here are some of the benefits of sewing with unique fabrics. 

    Express your individuality

    Missy Rose’s unique fabrics give you total creative control of your wardrobe. Express yourself with original designs that reflect your personality.

    Enjoy yourself

    Craft a wardrobe for yourself (or your loved one) from scratch using fabrics that bring you joy. Feel excited to wear the clothing each day. 

    Customise your size

    Each one of us is unique. Sewing your clothing gives you the ability to ensure your clothes fit your exact dimensions. 

    Feel a sense of accomplishment

    Learning to sew does wonders for your self-esteem. Step out in a stunning garment you crafted yourself a custom fabric. Trust us, you’re bound to receive compliments on the original fabric. 

    Create unique gifts for friends and family

    Sew amazing, unique gifts for friends and family with Missy Rose’s custom fabric. 

  • Why do Fabrics by Missy Rose specialise in unique fabrics?

    Here at Fabrics by Missy Rose, we believe that sewing is creative. We love the creative thrill and satisfaction that comes from crafting your very own garment from scratch. With rising social consciousness about the way our clothes are made, many people are moving away from mass-manufactured clothes to create unique, personalised clothing at home. 

    We are devoted to you, our customer, and sharing in the joy that sewing brings all of us. This is why we offer a wide variety of creative fabric designs for our clients.

  • Can I exchange or refund my fabric?

    Unfortunately, there is no exchange or refund for change of mind so please choose carefully. If the goods are damaged or faulty when they arrive, simply email X and we’ll ensure you receive in-store credit.

  • What are the benefits of sewing my clothing?

    Nurture your creativity
    One of the greatest benefits of sewing is that it gives us an opportunity to express and nurture our creativity. Sewing means you have a choice over every aspect of the pieces you make, from the fabric, thread and sewing pattern to the buttons and zippers. Since sewing involves plenty of creativity, it keeps you mentally active and can even improves the brain’s ability to grow new brain cells. 

    Boost your self-esteem
    With each new project you finish, you’ll enjoy a rush of satisfaction. Whether you’ve sewn clothing for yourself or your child or a personalised gift for a friend, you’ll enjoy an amazing sense of accomplishment with each completed project. 

    Clothing will last longer and fit better
    Well-made, handcrafted clothing lasts much longer than store-bought clothing and it fits better too. Sewing your clothing means you can customise the pattern to fit YOUR body type. 

    Clothing that you make by hand is 100% unique. You can create your clothing to look exactly the way you want. 

    Enjoy mental health benefits
    Sewing encourages mindfulness, reduces stress and anxiety, and releases dopamine in the brain to improve positivity. Focusing on the sewing task at hand can help you achieve flow, which is proven to boost mood.

    The opportunity to monetise your hobby
    If you want to earn money from your sewing hobby, there are plenty of places to sell your handcrafted items, including social media and Etsy.