Fabric by Missy Rose | Cotton Fabric

One of the most popular fabrics in modern sewing, cotton is a favourite among beginner and veteran sewists alike. Cotton material offers excellent drape, durability and breathability. 

Our 100% cotton is versatile for a variety of sewing projects. Find out everything you need to know about sewing with this amazing fabric. 

What are the advantages of cotton fabric?

Simple to sew with

New to sewing? Begin with cotton, one of the easiest fabrics to sew with. Our 100% cotton fabric has little to no stretch, making it easy to work with because there’s no risk of accidentally stretching the material. Cotton material only stretches on the bias, making it ideal for cutting on the bias. 

Achieves a professional, crisp result

Boasting a gorgeous drape, this fabric skirts the body without clinging. Cotton cloth material also presses well, making it easy to achieve a crisp, professional finish with completed garments. 

Cotton material is durable

Unlike other fibres that require delicate handling, cotton is extremely strong, sturdy and durable. Since the fibre is strong, the fabric will last for a long time and can withstand a lot of washing and drying.

Breathable, cool and comfortable to wear

Naturally breathable, soft and hypoallergenic, cotton clothing is comfortable to wear even for people with sensitive skin. Cotton fabric provides thermal insulation since the material naturally traps air between its fibres. Cotton does not build up static electricity. 

What are the disadvantages of cotton fabric?

Takes more time to sew

Woven fabrics like cotton take more time to sew with than knit fabric. Why? To prevent fraying at the edges, this material requires finishing with a zigzag stitch or serger.

Requires pre-washing

To prevent shrinkage in the washing machine later, cotton cloth material should always be pre-washed before you start sewing. 

Cotton clothing requires maintenance

Cotton can wrinkle easily. Luckily, it’s easy and quick to steam press cotton fabric to achieve a crisp look.

What can cotton material be used for?

If you’re new to sewing, cotton is the best material to start with since it won’t slip or stretch as you sew. Cotton fabric’s drape makes it ideal for sewing any type of clothing, from blouses and shirts to dresses and circle skirts. This material is also well-suited to quilting and blankets

FAQ's - Cotton Fabric

  • Do you have any tips for sewing with cotton?

    1.  Cotton is the ideal fabric choice if you’re a beginner sewist. 

    2.  We recommend pre-washing your cotton cloth material at least two times to shrink the fibres before sewing it. This pre-washing will prevent your new garment from shrinking in the wash. 

    3.  Always iron your cotton fabric.

  • What is cotton fabric? How is a printed cotton fabric produced?

    Our soft cotton fabric is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric, crafted from the fibres of a cotton plant. These cellulose fibres are spun into threads to create yarn, interlacing warp and weft in a crisscross pattern to create a basket-like weave. 

  • How wide is your cotton fabric?

    Most sewing patterns require a width of at least 114 centimetres. Our fabric is 150 centimetres wide, making it wider than most pattern recommendations. This generous width means you’ll likely have plenty of leftover material, making it excellent value for money.

  • Is cotton fabric good for summer?

    Cotton clothing is light, breathable and ideal for keeping your body cool during summer. It absorbs moisture well and dries quickly, making it ideal for cooling the body during humidity and dry heat.

  • What is the best thread for sewing with cotton cloth?

    Cotton, cotton-polyester, polyester or silk thread are ideal for sewing with cotton fabric. We recommend finding a good quality polyester thread for anything that requires regular washing. This type of thread is stronger than cotton and provides stretch.

  • What is ease? Will your cotton fabric have positive or negative ease?

    Ease is the extra fabric built into the design of a sewing pattern, which allows a garment to fit comfortably and provides ease of movement. Clothing crafted with our no-stretch cotton fabric with a sewing pattern made for cotton will naturally have positive ease. Positive ease means your finished cotton garment will have a relaxed fit and its dimensions will be slightly larger than your actual body measurements. 

  • Can I buy woven cotton fabric online here?

    Of course. Our online fabric store makes it easy to purchase cotton cloth material. Simply browse our range of cotton fabrics, select the cotton fabric design you’d like to purchase, choose a length and quantity, and click ‘Add to Cart’.