Fabric by Missy Rose | Floral Fabric

Available in an extensive range, our floral fabric will help you create something unique that fully reflects you or your child’s personal style. 

Looking for beautiful floral fabric for your next sewing project? Whether you love sunny botanical prints, whimsical florals or vintage floral fabric, we have a wide range of gorgeous, high-quality floral fabric designs in our online store that will make your next project even more unique. 

In the Missy Rose online store, you'll find floral patterns in almost every style, from tiny and delicate flowers to large-scale digital designs, realistic to abstract designs, formal to casual styles, and vibrant to monochromatic florals. Our floral designs are perfect for mixing and matching with solid colour fabrics. 

Floral fabric sewing project ideas

Floral fabrics are super fun to sew with. Here are some ideas for fun, unique and adorable sewing projects with floral material: 


  • Wrap dress

    Recommended fabrics: Most light to medium weight knit fabrics with drape will be lovely for a floral wrap dress. Think 180 or 220 gsm knit fabric. If you’re looking to make a summer wrap dress, woven fabrics such as 100% cotton fabric, rayon or bamboo are ideal. 

    Recommended patterns: Missy Rose Brunch Dress

  • A-line dress

    Recommended fabrics: 100% woven cotton. Double brushed poly or French terry are perfect for a cosy winter A-line dress. 260 knit is ideal for the bodice and pairs perfectly with a lighter 220 knit skirt. For a kids A-line dress, swim fabric is lightweight and floaty with awesome stretch. 

    Recommended patterns: Avid Seamstress A-line Dress

  • Sheath dress

    Recommended fabrics: 100% woven cotton, rayon, bamboo, double brushed poly, 180 or 220 knit. If you choose a knit fabric, make sure your chosen pattern is designed for knits. 

    Recommended patterns: Avid Seamstress Sheath Dress


  • Circle skirt

    Recommended fabrics: 100% cotton and 220 knit fabric are ideal for circle skirts, as both fall with an elegant drape. For a fuller bodied circle skirt, choose a 260 knit. Peach skin is great for kids circle skirts. 

    Recommended patterns: DIY Circle Skirt, Sweet Red Poppy Circle Skirt


  • Blanket

    Recommended fabrics: Minky or squish (double-sided minky) fabric feels silky soft, making it perfect for an adult, kids or baby blanket. 

    Recommended patterns: How Does She Minky Blanket