Wonder Clip - Pack of 36

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Quicker and easier to use than pins, Wonder Clips are an amazing, time-saving innovation we personally couldn’t live without. Easy to clip on and unclip as you go, these small but robust clips are a breeze to move as you work and excellent for holding your hem or layers in place with no shifting. 

This pack of 36 Wonder Clips comes with 26 pink clips for ‘go sew zones’ and 10 purple clips for ‘no sew zones’ to visually remind you at a glance where to sew and where not to sew. Simply slip the clip off as the fabric passes through your sewing machine. No more hitting an overlooked pin. Keep your fabric totally pucker-free — no more creases, distortion or unexpected marks!

Each clip features a smooth tooth for a nice, secure grip, with a sturdy spring for an effortless opening mechanism that springs open with a simple pinch. Designed with a flat clip base made of clear, non-scratching plastic, the clip even has 5 mm, 7 mm, and 10 mm guidelines marked to help you clip your desired seam width, measure the depth of a fold or calculate the distance to the fabric’s edge. Much easier than using one hand to clamp and another hand to hold the ruler! This makes wonder clips super convenient, whether you need a put a quick hem on something or you want to complete a larger, more intricate project such as a dress. 

These little clips especially shine when used with delicate fabrics that are easily marred by pins. They’re a must for fabrics like cotton, rayon, chiffon, silk, leather, suede and beaded fabric, but you’ll quickly discover they’re indispensable for just about every sewing project. 

If you haven’t tried Wonder Clips yet, you must. These miracle clips will change your life!