Sophia and the Magical Sewing Machine - Honeydew Land

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Our very first children's book is here! As we know little hands love books we have made it totally Waterproof and Tearproof! The book consists of 32 pages and is recommended for ages 3 +

Sophia is in the attic searching for a sewing machine, as her mum
wants to use it. The old sewing machine is dusty and covered in
cobwebs. On the front is a rhyme:

Use this machine to sew.
On an adventure you will go.
Just sit down upon the seat,
and use the pedal with your feet!

Sophia doesn’t take a lot of notice of the rhyme and sits down in
front of the sewing machine. She pushes her foot down on the
pedal. The sewing machine flies through the air, and Sophia lands
in a magical place called Honeydew.
Beautifully illustrated throughout, and written in a mixture of rhyme
and prose, this enchanting children’s story will delight children and
adults alike as they follow Sophia’s Honeydew Land adventure.
Sophia meets a mouse, a fairy, a wizard, and even a princess!

Below is an example of pages within the book.