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Rotary Cutter

  • $27.96
  • $34.95

The Rotary Cutter by Missy Rose is the perfect tool for easily and precisely cutting multiple layers, patterns, tight corners, straight lines, circles, arcs, curves and intricate shapes from a variety of different fabrics. With one smooth rolling action, this sturdy, sharp rotary cutter lets you quickly and easily cut through multiple layers of fabric with minimal fray, dramatically reducing the time it takes to prepare a pattern for your next sewing project. Ideal for sewists working in volume or just one project at a time, the rotary cutter is perfect for cutting through midweight and thin fabrics cleanly and effortlessly. This well-designed cutter features a circular, top-mounted blade made of premium quality, ultra-sharp steel. The contoured, ergonomic handle design is a natural fit for your hand, improving control and making it comfortable to cut with. 

The cutter’s versatile design provides excellent visibility for both right and left-handed sewists. Available in pink, the Rotary Cutter by Missy Rose is an essential tool in any sewing kit. 


  • Designed to fit your hand and your style
  • Easier to use than scissors
  • Ideal for cutting any type of fabric
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design for powerful cutting, reliability and precision
  • Pink handle colour adds fun and style to your collection
  • An inbuilt safeguard allows you to extend and retract it for safe storage and peace of mind
  • Comes with a free blade, plus a spare blade
  • Blades snap in or out easily for easy and quick replacement
  • Additional replacement blades are available in our store