Missy Rose Sewing Planner

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Do you need an easy way to keep all your sewing projects together in one place? Every time you use our exclusively Missy Rose Sewing Planner, you’ll find yourself gazing at it amorously, asking where it has been all your life. 

Keep records of all your sewing projects, patterns and fabrics in one handy place with this stylish 32cm x 24cm sewing planner. A must-have item for your sewing kit, this diary is crafted of high-quality pleather with gorgeous gold foil writing. 

Plan out which sewing projects are top priorities and head into each week knowing you have dedicated sewing time for those projects. 

The planner features:

  • 80 x double-sided project pages - These have plenty of space to draw sketches of your dream outfits, print line drawings for any patterns you like, and jot down useful details like start and finish dates for each project, which fabrics you intend to use, and any adjustments you make to the final garment.
  • 6 x double-sided project calendar pages - Set goals, keep track of all your works in progress and improve your productivity.
  • 9 x double-sided ‘patterns owned’ - These pages make it easy to see what patterns you have available at a glance without needing to rifle through your patterns or look through pattern folders on your computer.
  • 9 x double-sided ‘fabric tracking’ pages - Track your incoming fabric orders all in one place with no need to try and find order emails in your inbox.
  • 9 x double-sided ‘pattern wish list’ pages - Write down the name and details for sewing patterns you’d like to buy in the future.
  • 6 x double-sided ‘measurement’ pages - These handy pages will help you easily keep track of measurements for family members or clients. 

The planner comes with 120 GSM double-sided insert pages and 300 GSM thick cardboard tabs for easy reference. It’s designed with an easy-to-use binder, making it easy to refill your outer folder each time you use up all of your inner pages. You can find additional inner pages available for purchase in this listing. 

Best of all, the Missy Rose Sewing Planner makes an amazing keepsake documenting your sewing journey. Flipping through the pages, you’ll be able to see all the creations you’ve dreamed up and finished, all your ambitious plans, and all your beautiful fabrics. You will love this sewing planner!