20 Free Sewing Patterns For Baby Clothes

20 Free Sewing Patterns For Baby Clothes

March 06, 2020

Looking for some inspo for creating adorable baby clothes? Maybe your close friends have recently announced they’re expecting or you’re revving up to start your own family soon. Either way, you’ve decided you want to put your sewing creativity to work to create cool and practical items that will help the family welcome their new arrival.

We hear you. And we’ve got an abundance of ideas to help. We’ve rounded up the best baby sewing patterns on the internet, just for you. Here are 25 super cool and creative free sewing patterns for a baby.

First, Here’s Some Advice On How To Sew Newborn Baby Clothes

1. Baby clothes are great for sewing beginners

Why? Most baby clothing patterns are very simple. Besides, any mistakes you make can easily be covered with a cute ruffle, frill, embroidery or other trim.

2. Choose your fabric carefully


Bamboo is the perfect fabric choice for soft, breathable clothing that feels comfortable to a baby’s sensitive skin. It’s also ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

A plus for busy parents: it’s also easily washable and wrinkle-resistant.

SAFE TO USE: Woven cotton fabric

Cotton is famously the go-to fabric for parents everywhere. Why? It’s breathable, soft and easy to wash. Woven fabric is also perfect for crafty mums who enjoy making DIY clothing and sewing projects.

Word to the wise: Don't forget to wash any cotton fabric before you use it. Cotton is a natural fibre so it needs to be pre-shrunk before sewing with it.

SAFE TO USE: Knit 180, Knit 220 and Knit 260

With a small child, durability is often the number one priority. Knit fabrics are stretchy and durable. This means they hold up to the messy wear and tear of everyday life with a small human.

SAFE TO USE: French terry

If you're looking for winter pyjamas or warm clothing, French terry is a great option for humans of any age. It's extremely soft to the touch and has a long lifespan. Additionally, it's easy to wash and maintain.

UNSAFE TO USE: Double Brushed Polyester

This is especially important for newborn babies! Babies, toddlers and kids have more trouble regulating their body temperature than adults, so it’s crucial to avoid non-breathable fabrics like double brushed polyester that can overheat the little one.

3. Patterns are great for disguising stains

Babies are notoriously messy. From surprise vomit to poop, pee and drool, patterns are wonderful for crafting baby clothes because parents don’t need to stress if a tiny accident happens, say, in public (and it will).

Plus, patterns are fun.

20 Free Sewing Patterns For Baby Clothes

Without further ado, here are our favourite free sewing patterns for a tiny human. Many of these are great, easy baby sewing projects for beginners.

1. Free Baby Romper Sewing Pattern from MellySews

Melly Sews Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://mellysews.com/baby-boy-romper-tutorial-free-pdf-sewing-pattern/

This cute romper, created by MellySews, is super fast to make. Originally designed for boys, its basic design makes it perfect for both boys and girls.

Suggested fabrics: Bamboo, French terry, Knit

2. Free Baby Romper Sewing Pattern from Life So Savory

Baby Romper Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://lifesewsavory.com/free-romper-pattern-0-9-months/

This sweet baby romper pattern by Life Sew Savory is perfect for the tiniest of infants: babies between 0 and 9 months old. It features a front and back yoke, a gathered bubble bottom and snaps to close the back and the nappy area.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

3. Free Baby Dress Sewing Pattern from Sewmuchado

Sew Much Ado Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.sewmuchado.com/infant-peasant-dress-free-pattern-and-tutorial/

This baby peasant dress by Sew Much Ado is a cute and easy project, perfect for all sewing skill levels. Whether you choose a pattern fabric or solid colour, you can’t go wrong. Both look gorgeous! The elastic neckline makes the dress easy to take on and off.

Suggested fabrics: Woven cotton

4. Free Baby Girl Knit Dress Pattern from DIY Network

Baby Dress Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/make-and-decorate/crafts/how-to-sew-a-knit-baby-dress

This easy, comfy knit baby dress by DIY Network makes an awesome gift at your next baby shower.

Suggested fabrics: Knit 180, 220 or 260

5. Baby Onesie Sewing Pattern from Small Dream Factory

Baby Onesie Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.smalldreamfactory.com/2014/05/free-pattern-baby-onesie.html?m=1

Fancy a knit onesie? This sewing pattern by Small Dream Factory ticks all the right boxes. Comfy? Check. Stretchy? Check. Adorable? Check.

Suggested fabrics: knit 180, knit 220, knit 260

Pro tip: When working with knits, be careful not to stretch or pull the fabric when sewing. We recommend using a stretch needle and a stretch stitch. With this pattern, all seams are sewn with a twin needle.

6. Mary Jane Baby Shoes Sewing Pattern from eHow

Fabric Baby Shoes Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.ehow.com/13559463/diy-handmade-fabric-baby-shoes

This sweet baby booties sewing pattern by eHow will make a wonderful gift for the next baby in your life. Designed to make itty bitty feet feel comfortable (and look adorable), these baby shoes are destined to become a precious family heirloom.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

7. Free Baby Shoe Pattern To Sew from Schwin & Schwin

Little Man Shoes

Image from: https://shwinandshwin.com/2011/05/little-man-shoes.html

These cute shoes by Schwin and Schwin are the perfect handmade gift for a baby boy.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

8. Easy Baby Hat Sewing Pattern from Coral and Co

Baby Hat Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.coralandco.com/blog/2016/4/diy-baby-hat-sewing-pattern-and-tutorial-in-sizes-premie-12-months.html

This snug hat by Coral and Co will keep a little one’s head nice and toasty on cooler nights. This pattern is ideal for using up scraps of knit fabric. The cap comes with a fitted top and a cuff that can be rolled up for more cuteness! Bonus points for extra cute: add a little pom pom on top.

Suggested fabrics: bamboo, knit 180, knit 220, knit 260

9. Footed Baby Pants Pattern from Sew Much Ado

Baby Pants Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.sewmuchado.com/free-footed-baby-pants-pattern/

These footed baby pants by Sew Much Ado are a super comfy and practical way to dress a newborn in the days following their birth. With just six steps, the instructions are easy to follow. Parents will appreciate the lack of need to replace kicked-off socks as their little one wriggles.

Suggested fabrics: bamboo, knit 180, knit 220, knit 260, French terry

10. Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern from Things For Boys

Baby Gift Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.thingsforboys.com/2013/11/handmade-gifts-for-baby-boys-reversible.html

One of the best easy baby sewing projects for beginners, this adorable reversible bib is super easy and quick to make. You don’t need to be a sewing expert to stitch this one up! Best of all, you can customise them with any adorable pattern you like.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

11. Baby Mittens Sewing Pattern from Made To Be A Momma

Baby Mittens Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.madetobeamomma.com/baby-mittens/

Perfect for babies aged 6 months and over, these adorable little mittens will keep your little one from scratching their sensitive skin. A great baby gift and a great beginner sewing project all rolled into one.

Suggested fabrics: knit 180, knit 220, knit 260

12. Free Baby Bloomer Sewing Pattern from See Kate Sew

Baby Bloomer Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://seekatesew.com/free-pattern-baby-bloomers/

These classic baby bloomers from See Kate Sew feature an elasticised waist and legs for easy dressing and room to grow. Roomy and bubbly for comfort and ease of movement, these look extra adorable with tights.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

13. Baby Bloomer Pattern To Sew from Me Sew Crazy

Ruffled Bloomers

Image from: https://mesewcrazy.com/2012/04/ruffled-bloomers-pattern-and-tutorial.html

These absolutely adorable bloomers from Me Sew Crazy feature ruffles on side panels, accented with a giant bow that ties around the back. They are best suited for babies aged between 0-6 months.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

14. Baby Harem Pants Sewing Pattern from Kaylee Eylander

Image from: http://www.kayleeeylander.com/DIY-tips/make-baby-joggers-diy-baby-harem-pants-tutorial/

This sewing pattern for baby harem pants by Kaylee Eylander is best made with a comfy knit fabric. The design allows for easy freedom of movement so the baby can comfortably wriggle and stretch their limbs.

Suggested fabrics: knit 180, knit 220, knit 220, French terr

15. Tiny Explorer Pants from Frogginette

Tiny Explorer Pants Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://frogginette.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/free-tiny-explorer-pants-pattern-and-tutorial/

Perfect for a little tyke who is keen on exploring the world (or at least the living room floor), these pants by Frogginette are full of cute details, including (buttoned!) back pockets and a comfy elasticated waist.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

16. Baby Track Pants Pattern from Me Sew Crazy

Baby Hudson Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://mesewcrazy.com/2015/11/baby-hudson-pants-tutorial.html

Perfect for winter babies, these stylish and comfortable little track pants come with an elastic waistband, pockets, and cuffs.

Suggested fabrics: knit 180, knit 220, knit 260, French terry

17. Newborn Top Sewing Pattern by SewGuide

Newborn Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://sewguide.com/newborn-top-sewing-pattern/

This cute sewing pattern by Sew Guide is designed for newborns and comes with two ties in the back for ease of putting on, with absolutely no velcro or snaps that might irritate a newborn’s delicate skin. Choose soft, simple natural fabric like bamboo or cotton so it feels comfortable against a recently cut umbilical cord.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton

18. Baby Summer Headwrap by Sew Jersey Mama

Babya Headwrap Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://sewjerseymama.com/2017/06/29/summer-headwrap-tutorial-infants-toddlers/

We can’t get enough of this adorable and versatile head wrap by Sew Jersey Mama. Perfect for babies and toddlers, the wrap features a gorgeous bow.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotton fabric

19. Red Sun Bonnet from Delia Creates

Baby Bonner Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://www.deliacreates.com/red-sun-bonnet/

This cute little bonnet by Delia Creates will help keep your little one’s fair skin safe from the sun’s rays.

Suggested fabrics: woven cotto

20. Hooded Baby Robe by Crazy Little Projects

Baby Shark Robe Sewing Pattern

Image from: https://crazylittleprojects.com/shark-baby-robe-tutorial/

This super cute baby hooded shark robe will keep baby snug and warm. The generously sized pattern fits most babies size 0-12 months. Perfect for after bath or pool time. This sewing project is perfect if you’re looking for something creative that will let your little one express their personality.

Suggested fabrics: French terry

Happy sewing! 

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