Fabric by Missy Rose | Dress Fabric

A unique material and print is a key part of creating your dream dress. Missy Rose offers a wide range of gorgeous dress fabrics that will make your next dress special and unique.

Missy Rose dress fabric

A unique dress, crafted by hand using a Missy Rose fabric you love, can lift your mood, make you feel confident and even showcase your personality. 

High-quality material is an important element in making your dream dress special and unique. Our dressmaking fabrics come in a range of designs, textures and colours. 

Our fun, quirky designs are ideal for kids and adults alike. We also offer a range of stunning floral fabrics and solid colours in high-quality materials.

Dresses you can make with our fabric

  • A-line dress

    Recommended fabrics: For a versatile A-line dress that’s perfect no matter the season, opt for 100% woven cotton. Double brushed poly or French terry are perfect for a cosy winter dress. If you choose to work with knits, choose a heavier 260 knit for the bodice and pair it with a lighter 220 knit skirt. For a kids A-line dress, swim fabric is lightweight and floaty with awesome stretch. 

    Recommended patterns: Avid Seamless A-Line Dress, Lexi A-Line Dress

  • Sheath dress

    Recommended fabrics: A sheath dress can be crafted in a variety of different fabrics, including 100% woven cotton, rayon, bamboo, double brushed poly, 180 or 220 knit. If you choose a knit fabric, make sure your chosen pattern is designed for knits. 

    Recommended patterns: Avid Seamstress Sheath Dress

Dress fabric types

Here are some material ideas to help you get started with creating your dream dress: 

What are the benefits of buying your own dress fabric?

Unique: Your dress will be one-of-a-kind. Because you have full flexibility and control over your choice of fabric and sewing pattern, you can design any style of dress you like. You’ll feel confident and excited wearing your creation. 

Provides a feeling of accomplishment: It’s fun and satisfying to make your own dress. 

Customise the dress to fit your body: Making your own dress allows you to make clothing that precisely fit your measurements.