Fabric by Missy Rose | Double Brushed Poly Fabric

Double brushed poly is a beautiful, buttery soft knit fabric made from 100% polyester. Offering gorgeous drape, brushed polyester fabric has excellent recovery and 4-way stretch for comfort and ease. Here’s everything you need to know about sewing with this fabric. 

What are the advantages of double brushed poly fabric?

·  Works excellently with any sewing pattern that requests a stretch knit

·  Has an amazing 4-way stretch and great recovery time

·  Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear

·  Drapes close to the body without clinging

·  Offers fantastic colour fastness, washes well and shows no sign of wear after repeat washes

·  Does not require ironing

What are the disadvantages of double brushed polyester fabric?

·  Poor breathability compared to natural fabrics like cotton

  • Do you have any tips for sewing with double brushed poly fabric?

    1.  Adjust your sewing machine presser foot settings to ensure that brushed poly fabric glides through easily. 

    2.  The best stitches for double brushed poly include the stretch stitch, lightning bolt stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch. 

    3.  Always test your sewing machine’s settings on scraps of fabric until you start sewing your project. 

    4.  Always press your seams with lots of steam. Use a damp pressing cloth to protect the double brushed poly from damage and reduce seam impressions.  

    5.  Use Wonder Clips (you can find them in our store!) to hold your fabric seams together when you’re sewing.

    6.  Use fusible hem tapes to keep your hems looking crisp and keep your fabric from stretching under your presser foot. 

How does double brushed poly compare to other fabrics?

Double brushed poly will tent out less than woven cotton in 200 GSM. It has a thinner feel than the 260 GSM woven cotton. 

FAQs about Double Brushed Poly Fabric:

  • What does double brushed polyester fabric feel like?

    Brushed on both sides to feel like suede, double brushed poly has a buttery soft finish that feels heavenly against the skin. While it looks smooth like cotton lycra, it feels fuzzy, soft and brushed. The texture resembles baby hair or peach skin. 

  • Does brushed poly fabric feel hot to wear?

    Double brushed polyester fabric is highly insulating. Ultimately, how warm you feel wearing the fabric depends on how close-fitting the garment is. Some people find polyester uncomfortable to wear in summer because it has a low moisture absorption compared to fabrics like cotton. For summer clothing made in double brushed poly, we recommend choosing a looser, breezier pattern. If you are looking for a lightweight knit fabric for your winter sewing projects, brushed polyester is ideal.