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Create one-of-a-kind clothing, keepsakes and gifts with our beautiful fabrics. From our classic 100% cotton woven and silky-soft rayon to lightweight knit, cozy French terry and supple double-brushed poly, our fabrics make a stunning canvas for a bespoke creation. Order your favourite fabric online by the metre and get creative.

Make Unique Handmade Clothing For Yourself and Children

Many new mums discover a love for sewing and making their own kids’ clothing. Not only does sewing your kids’ clothes give you an amazing sense of accomplishment, but you’ll know for sure that piece of clothing will fit your child’s measurements. Handmade clothing, crafted with love and care, is special and something to be cherished. You’ll keep it for longer, save money, and you may find as you grow in skill that you can even use your new sewing ability to make extra money with your own sewing business.

Buy Quality Fabrics Online With Peace of Mind

You can count on us. We appreciate quality customer service ourselves and we wouldn’t expect our customers to accept anything less. That’s why we always run on time. 

Our in-stock fabrics are typically dispatched to you in just 24-48 hours after the order is placed. Since we were founded, we’ve achieved an impressive 98% success rate with dispatching all of our orders on schedule.

Choose From Many Exclusive Fabrics

One of the top boutique Australian online fabric stores, we offer unique patterns. Our on-trend, high-quality fabrics are a joy to sew with and will bring smiles to the faces of little and big people alike.

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Need inspiration for your next creative project? Join more than 12,000 fans who love to share their Missy Rose creations with our VIP Facebook Group. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a longtime crafter and maker, this is a wonderful place to hunt for inspiration and find answers to your most burning questions.

Express Your Individuality

Create a wardrobe as one-of-a-kind as you are. Your clothes shouldn’t just be something you wear. Make every outfit an expression of your personality and your joy. Most of us are not a ‘standard size’. Sewing your own clothes gives you the power to make your clothes fit your unique body shape and dimensions exactly. There’s no better feeling than stepping out in a superb garment that you crafted yourself and receiving compliments for it. With our selection of unique patterns in gorgeous fabric options, you have total creative control of your wardrobe.

Buy Fabric Online

Our unique fabrics are always produced in small, limited edition quantities. Here’s how we design and source our fabric:

International artists
We handpick gorgeous fabric designs from a range of artists from around the world.

Exclusive Missy Rose patterns  
We offer exclusive patterns with pre-made artwork. These are one-of-a-kind. No one else in the world has these patterns.

Fully exclusive 
We have some amazing artists who can make any idea come to life. You will only find this artwork at Fabric by Missy Rose.

When placing a custom order, simply follow these steps:

1. Choose your fabric design.

2. Choose a fabric base that will work well for your sewing project.

3. Select your desired length.

4. Add to cart.

5. Check out.

Make Unique Handmade Clothing To Sell

Are you a boutique clothing designer looking to buy fabric online? Then you’ll know that the choice of fabric can instantly turn a garment pattern into something truly special.

Bring unique style to your customers. Your sewing business will thrive with Fabric by Missy Rose’s exclusive, limited edition fabrics and beautiful designs.  

Our customer service is second-to-none. With Fabric by Missy Rose, you can feel confident that we’ll always deliver on time, meaning no delays for you and a positive experience for your customers. 

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Where To Buy Quality Fabric Online

Looking to buy the best online fabric Australia has to offer? As the owner of a small sewing business, you need gorgeous, unique designs and high-quality fabrics to stand out in the marketplace. Fabric by Missy Rose offers exclusive, semi exclusive and non exclusive designs crafted with love.